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Monday, February 23, 2009

Finding Philip

It is a freedom and the right of all Friendster users to do what they desire to their own account in accord with its appearance. I enjoyed the same, too. In Friendster, I used the image of the Blessed Virgin to be my primary photo. Because of that, someone commented that I might be mistaken by anybody as feminine or aspiring to be feminine. Yet still, appearances will not be counted as an ultimate item for judgment (cf. John 7:24)

Yet what if I need those real faces for a project, and not for judgment?

I am planning to make a collage for the second anniversary of 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY! Some of our brothers in 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY are also taking their opportunity on this liberty. One of them is Philip. Philip uses a generated cartoon character on which origin I am not certain. I termed the word "generated" for I see many Friendster users using these cartoon characters that, with their similar art, seem to come from a single source.

Finding Philip is as difficult as finding a Victorian doll in a doll shop. Once, I had lost all the willpower to mind it for his interview (which is the first in the designation of being a member of the month). You have to sort out some of the hints about him, especially when his account seemed not to have him soloed:

In order to find Philip in that picture, one way that helped me much is getting little help from his other pictures. I used his cartoon pictures as my bases:

I noted some of the similarities in these three pictures. First, they all wore glasses. Second, all of them have facial hair activeness.

Instantly in the clue of wearing glasses, I picked out the two guys who have glasses.
And in the clue of having a hairy face tendencies, I never saw it in the appearance of the face of the man in the foreground.

Then, can be Philip be the grinning guy in the left?

Just at that thought, a realization sparked in my mind. Why, the hair of course!

The occipital hair seems to extend on the back of the head, yet not breaching the neck-torso border. Also the style of the hair is much "curved" like in the cartoon. The white-clad straight-haired man in the foreground is out of description now.

And thanks to the late 'eureka' in the caption of the group picture that says:

"I am the one wearing the grey shirt."

I have found brother Philip! yet not that good enough. I felt like Dory, by the way.


  1. OMG! A post about me? Good one there Francis! I feel like a specimen or something. Made me ROTFL!

  2. Hahahahaha!!! So funny, heeheeheehee!!