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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BLOG EARTH HOUR (With 2 Hour Prelude Before The Hour)

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The world is experiencing one of the highest heat changes that is unknown to history since the time of the middle ages and back to the era of the dinosaurs. This is certainly not the prelude of the Ice Age, but a Heat Chaos that will endanger the existence of mankind in the distant future.

The Earth Hour Movement was started in Sydney, Australia in 2007. In 2008, the whole world and its major cities gave their Earth Hour tribute. Though this don't actually "lessen" world's energy consumption at all (and will never neutralize nor minimize Global Warming), this will however make people's self-awareness flicker in using technology responsibly.

I invite you, Filipino Bloggers, to observe a Three-Hour Blog Blackout on which we have to darken the background or the hue of our background, as an external sign of our patronage to this battle of "minimizing" energy consumption for the world's longevity.

How To Darken My Blog?

If you are using a normal white background (or any colored background), simply go to LAYOUT

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and click EDIT HTML

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After that you will see codes that determines the appearance of your lay-out. Scroll down a little bit in your lay-out and find this code: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After finding it, if it doesn't have a background option (just like above), place background: just under the body { code.

Dark color codes are the following

Black - #000000;
Gray -#006666;
Dark Blue -#000066;

Choose a desired color code and put it after the background code. For me, I chose black, and the code result will be like this:

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After that, press PREVIEW just below the code box. If all seems well, press then SAVE CHANGES button lined next to the PREVIEW button

Do this on March 28, Saturday, at exactly, 6 in the evening before the designated 6:30 time.

I Want That 60 HOUR GIF TO BE posted In MY BLOG, How Can I HAve That And Post It On My BLog?

Simple, just go to this link or copy-paste the code or save the picture yourself and put it in your Widget

Link to save image: http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/3953/black.gif

Highlight the code above and press Ctrl and C simultaneously to copy. To paste the code into your HTML widgetbox, press CTRL and letter V simultaneously. Enclosed the code with the img src code just like below and save your widget.
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To those bloggers whose blogs have already dark backgrounds, you can retain your blogs as it is. To those who have a specialized bakcground, you can perhaps tweak your page by using the above suggestions

Have a Great Earth Hour, Everyone!


  1. Ill Keep dis in mind, Kuya.. ;)

  2. France Thanks For noting me of this special blog movement I can't wait we in the legion will have a
    special prayer an hour rosary with all the legionaries of our place. God bless u

  3. France I can't save the code pls See my site ang help me

  4. noted. ill participate in this. i just posted the earth hour on my blog the other day. i dunno that we also have this blog earth hour. so ill definitely join in this. thanks!

  5. Sali din ako , lets save the world

  6. I'm here! Magpaparticipate ako juhn!! Weeee

  7. great gesture bro to save the earth.

  8. This thing is great, I'll support it

  9. wow i thot this is a crap but I think this is cool.. ayt!! tnx

  10. I will support this movement against global warming in my blog

  11. done bro. posted to my blog. have an earth day! God bless our earth and all the species on & in it!