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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remembering the Master Rapper

Francis "Kiko" Magalona is the last person in my mind that I'll expect to pass away before his time. As an avid fan and a regular viewer of the noontime show Eat....Bulaga!, I saw how energetic and vivacious he was in his frolicking with his Dabarkads (a word play for Barkada,meaning peer friends). He is the one that usually introduces guests or personages as a voice over speaker. With a good face and a happy-go-lucky attitude, the Dabarkads had no problem having him all the time. He enjoyed Eat... Bulaga! so much that he stayed and was retained despite of the usual flux of co-hosts who, from time to time, would barge in the troop.

The Eat Bulaga archives is teeming with funny memories of him. From being a tikbalang, a geisha and Noel Trinidad (of Champoy), he tickled the viewers with his humor that is, actually, a true reflection of his true out-of-the-set attitude. Francis Magalona, according to his Dabarkads, is a true laughing machine and everytime he's around the day is complete in youthful jokes and laughter. He has been with the show's tours here and beyond the national bounds. I, when hearing the name Francis Magalona, will instantly think of Eat...Bulaga! and of his pre-Eat Bulaga career as a rapper and a youth model.

One of his pursuits in Eat Bulaga. Francis proved himself to be a person
of easy mood and exuberant humor.

As the youngest son of Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, he had inherited in his genes the celebrity glamour of his parents and he become easily associated with showbiz in a tender age. Acting and breakdancing, the fads of his time, were his first devotions. In 1990, he released a groundbreaking album titled "Yo!", the first Filipino rap album that will uncover and inspire a surge of Filipino rap artists and albums in the following years.

The rap style he have is uniquely his. He, as a rapper with a heart for the Philippines, had won the taste of the youth and the style had inspired many subsequent rappers like Andrew E, Gloc 9 and more. He never used his rapping for using profane words and expressions, too. Just like a 100KP forumer had commented:

Francis M. Puts the word honor and dignity in Pinoy rap and hip-hop. He doesn't sing about pimpin' or bitches. He can even rap without using curses or profane language.

If rap artist would emulate more of his sytle, rap would be better respected. He is the only Pinoy rapper my ears can tolerate. Another one is Gloc9.

Music to promote one's cultural indentity instead of talking bad against it. What a wonderful idea? Too late that he had to die just to be given such a respect.


His recent battle with his sickness is worth noting for in his individual life story. He proved to others the true essence of being a Filipino. Blood for blood, as the saying goes. Yes, he fought his blood's nemesis through his blood of being a true Filipino, happy, courageous and full of positivity and hope. And as the battle had drawn into a close, he left the world with bidding of smiles, happy memories and a good reputation.

To Francis Magalona, The Master Rapper and the Man from Manila. I salute you. May God be gracious and merciful to you and lead you to your true home.

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