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Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Loving Father, Humble Husband, and the Obedient Servant

March 19 is the feast of the Protector of the Universal Church, Saint Joseph, and the foster father of Jesus. Saint Joseph, the foster father, the husband, and the servant of God, gives also himself to us to be our protector just like how he protected the Holy Family.
With all his love he protected Mary, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, our Lord. Just like how he protected Christ, he also protects the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church composed of the People of God – us.

Joseph loved Christ so much manifested of how he protected the family from the flight to Egypt until his death. Even though he is only a poor man, he gave all his best to provide for the needs of the infant Jesus and his wife Mary. He had his sorrows especially on how he would raise his family, especially Jesus. But he did not fear and trust in the Lord that everything will be alright. He humbled himself to God to be his obedient servant. From the time of his dream with the angel, he humbled himself to the will of the Father and obeyed God to become responsible for Jesus. He had his sorrows but all of these were rewarded with joy.

Let us pray.

Saint Joseph, our beloved Protector, Protector of the Universal Church,
with your exemplary life of faith, hope, and love,
teach us also to be a loving and humble fellow to everyone,
and like you may we become also an obedient servant of the Lord.
May you intercede us to our Father in Heaven and be our protector and guide forever.


  1. Brother, hindi po memorial ang March 19. It is a solemnity. Hehehe...

  2. Solemnity...St Joseph pray for us!

  3. Keep it up, brother Mark! Oo nga, solemnity nga ito

    Have a blessed St Joseph's Day Guys!

  4. sowi... nalito ako... hahahaha... honest mistake...

  5. sowi... nalito ako... hahahaha... honest mistake...

  6. Yes, a honest mistake but it is okay. The point is it is an ecclesial celebration