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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dental Caries, Dentist Cares!

By Francis Raymund Gonzales

It was Tuesday when the aching started. I thought it would be a simple chronic aching that I have endured before. But no, this is different. The aching seems to scourge my brain and if without my control I know I will go berserk because of the intense pain

I decided to go to the dentist whom I know.

Dr Candida Quicio is such an expert in this. She found at that one molar of mind is suffering rom dental caries, or the decay of the teeth. I must have been very irresponsible on my dental health, she said. She first suggested a cleaning of my teeth and prescribed me some antibiotics for a major teeth surgery this coming Saturday.

Saturday? I can't wait that long, I said to myself. My teeth is killing me.

Due to the pain that is still kicking in, I decided to take action myself. The antibiotics that Doctora gave me is of little help, probably it was meant to kill the bacteria to stop any further infection, but is not effective on lessening the pain and the swellin. So I used my brain to determine what I needed.

I went unto the local cathedral to pray, asking God and his saints on what to do next. I also offered the pain to the victims of the swine influenza seas beyond. But still, I said, if it is your will, you can relieve me of this pain.

It dawned on me to take three anti-inflammatory medicines, however risky. So after church I went to the nearest Mercury Drug drugstore to buy one Alaxan FR, one Ponstan SF and a Medicol. I took them all up and when I decided to go home after that, the pain is entirely gone and I was sound asleep from that afternoon to the following morning without any disturbance.

Though it was wrong for me on not first consulting a doctor before taking anything, it is somehow a relief that God willed that the pain will vanish for a while to give me the comfort that I was deprived of the night before.

To you, a safe journey with the Lord of Love!


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