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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Ascent to Mt. Linabo (pt 1)

By Francis Raymund Gonzales

Louie is such a good friend. He accompanies me wherever my heart tells me to wander. Recently, he suggested that we should climb to the summit of Mt. Linabo for we missed the exodus upclimb there last Holy Week. Ooh, this is going to be a sweaty and challenging gig!

Mt Linabo is teeming with people when Holy Week arrives and reaches its full intensity on Good Friday. Locals and tourist go there to do a hard yet soothing pilgrimage through the Stations of the Cross that has been built there. Plus, being the highest mountain in the vicinity of Dipolog City, an overview scenery of the city and the twin city, Dapitan, can be seen.

Plans become to rush into my mind. The bottled juices, mineral water, chips and snacks, we bought them all. We intentionally went there at 3 o'clock pronto in estimation of our arrival to the peak, which will coincide with twilight. The sunset view up there is breath-taking, he said.

To be honest with you, I never climbed the mountain as often as anyone in Dipolog does. In fact, I never had the chance to climbed at all. It is my first time to climb the mountain and I think the time is right for I had no classes at that time of day and we have properly prepared all what we need.

The foot of the mountain on which the 3003 steps starts is so far from the city that we hired a habal-habal (a service motorcycle) to take us there. Manong, the motorcycle driver, offered if he could pick us up by the time we go down to go back to the city. We realized, through Manong and through some of the locals there present, that the place is dangerous after sundown. Bad elements of the society thrive there and many had become victims . That's why during the yearly Holy Week, he said, policemen and bantay baranggays (local watchmen) are stationed there to guard the people.

Louie and I promised to be downhill at around 7 in the evening.

To be continued..


  1. nag overnyt pud mi dha kuya,. hehe

  2. Hehehe, kami kay wa mi nagpaovernyt sis, kay daghan au lamok sa itaas.. Ngek tingala pud ko hasta diay sa bugnaw nga lugar naa pud diay lamok. Sus! Gilamok jud mi, hehehehe, mao kanaog nalang pud mi at that very day, hehehe \m/^_^

  3. mau jud kuya. dghan jud lamok. wahaha.gabalon jud cog moskitero a2 ..haha xD

  4. Dayun, asa man mo natulog didto? Wa man koy nakitang perfect spot nga katulgan didto.
    basig mahulog pata gamay ngaisdog lang
    Didto mo sa sulod sa mga cellsites?^_^