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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Singkit Eye to Singkit Eye: A Chinese' Reaction to Mr Tsao's Article

I am from Shenyang, Liaoning Province of China. My province is known as one of the three places in China where the people are friendly and peaceful. That place is far up North - where we reason with our head...Mr. Tsao comes from down South - where, if it be made an analogy - er, where he reasons with somewhere 'down below'?

I condemn such an insulting, irresponsible, thoughtless, and totally ignorant writing. I am Chinese...again let me reiterate that...but I take the stand the Filipino people take. For once, this is not a question of patriotism. I am patriotic enough but my blood will not boil over some courageous stand the Philippine government deem fit they see. Why Mr. Tsao seethes over the Philippine congress sending gunboats is beyond my comprehension. If we think we are so mighty, would we be scared of anything we think 'small'? That should make us think - that should make us realize that we are not that 'big' after all! If a 'master' cowers at the 'threat' of its 'servant', is he even befitting the title 'master'?

There is nothing wrong with the Philippines sending its workforce abroad to perform decent and honest ways of earning wage. The word 'slave' is lauded by Christ who taught His disciples to be the 'servant of all'. There is nothing wrong in the word 'servant'...unless it is used in a condescending way of which Mr. Tsao is guilty of.

A lot of my countrymen do odd jobs, too, and with the swollen number of our population, the ratio of the Filipino 'servants' would pale in comparison to the number of Chinese 'servants'. Mr. Tsao, we don't call them 'servants', do we?

Mainland China is so different from the Hong Kong picture you have painted, my friend. Er, have you visited Mainland China? You will be surprised how peaceful our people are. I guess you must learn OUR culture first before you attempt teaching your 'maid' something...Chairman Mao himself would beat you for doing what you just did to her.

If you come to Mainland China, you will be surprised at the big number of Filipinos gainfully employed in our schools. Who teaches our kids these days? The beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, and courageous Filipinos. One day, your offspring will LEARN from a Filipino teacher...your lineage will then be a better copy of you...a 'corrected copy'.

Yes, I come from Shenyang...mainland China. And you come from Hong Kong...tsk tsk tsk...that's saying something these days.

To the Filipino people slighted by this man, I offer apologies. You Filipinos are brave.

And oh, before I forget, why do I take side with the Filipinos? Because I came to know the One True God from one Filipina friend...that makes all the difference. Who is the Giant now if they have this MAGNIFICENT GOD? It is this same God that our big country needs, and thankfully, He is also using the Filipinos to let Himself be known in this country!



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