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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Influenza Alert

What makes this flu more dangerous than Avian Flu and SARS?

First, this flu is entirely NEW. It is vague to science until recently. It is a new strain of swine flu and is different from other pig sicknesses. Worse, it has been confirmed that this flu is a bully. Meaning, it is proven to be resistant with some anti-viral medication.

Secondly, the symptoms of this flu are very similar to regular flu (e.g runny nose, fever, cough etc). Detection of it must be abrupt for it mimics the usual flu. Late medication can be very complicated and costly.

Third, Avian flu and SARS is so good in killing its host, it never had taken the chance to adapt the man-to-man contamination. This flu, however, can be passed from man to man. Meaning, inter-mingling and extroversion endangers a person with this sickness.

More than one hundred persons had died while I was writing this article. The scale can rise higher at any time. People are being quarantined and tested in North America and Europe and also as far as New Zealand.

What will happen next? Nobody knows. I remembered the movie "I am Legend" and how the chaos started in the same year 2009. No, I don't mean to frighten anyone here. I just want to impart this mental stimulus to everybody and it is very urgent for us to possess this: Awareness.

I'll be writing for more about this thing when the time calls it.

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