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Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Unhappy Wife

by Francis Raymund Gonzales

Too bad she was known only after she died; Trinidad Arteche–Etong (Trina to her friends and loved-ones) has filled the black and white broadsheets and tabloids, and has trafficked the news airways. She was the wife of Ted Failon, a well-known TV and radio personality. Probably you may had known the whats and hows that surrounds the issue of her death. But still an enigma remains that neither ink nor cable had provided the sufficient answer: Why?

In the TV, infos say that she and the rest of her family were Catholics. She regularly attends Mass with his husband and relatives. The Etong family even has close family friends who are religious in nature, one is Fr. Jerry Orbos SVD. So how can she commit suicide and what conviction would push her to do so?

Failon, affirming with the rest of Trina's relatives, says that financial worries often torments his wife and it eventually led Trina to her doom. The culprit might be Trina's anxiety of falling back again downward to misfortune. Ted and Trina are both hailing from poor families and their own struggles had gained for them their pedestal in the society now. I had the same theory, too. Maybe Trina is so pre-occupied with her financial problems she thinks money is her only basic life trust. And in losing the means that pulled them out of the mire of poverty, she was afraid that falling back to the same mire would result to a worse disgrace to their name, especially now Ted is gaining popularity in the limelight of broadcasting.

For me, killing one's self because of financial difficulties is a cowardly and selfish act. Money is not the answer to everything. Money is earned through hard work but it doesn't mean that if you lose some of your money you couldn't raise some more by means of working for it further. If Trina did commit suicide, I think it is on Trina's part that is to blame, not to Ted or to the rest of the persons involved. Trina is so unhappy with his life she see it as going nowhere. Or if she don't, she thinks that it is far better off not to be in it anymore for the fear of getting more hurts.

I never believed that Ted Failon's family is that hard-up for Trina to give a great damn with. Her daughter is in Cebu for her studies. Ted is a successful news anchorman and reporter. They lived in a subdivision in Tandang Sora. What 's the reason for the fear of losing resources if her husband is an ABS-CBN item who never loses the lustre of his booming voice in the airways? Financial problems speaks little to the reality.

No matter how we try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, it will never be through until the very player is not there to finish it: Trina. Trina is the only key to all the mysteries in this case. But now that she had died, and her mind and all had been burned away like the rest of her body is, we offer the issues in hope for the true Justice to be in charge, who is God. We leave her soul in His will, and she is now in custody of the Divine Justice. Due to the complication of her case, we doubt if she had been saved or lost eternally. But yet still, a healthy act of faith we still must do is to hope for God to be just and merciful at the same time. Who knows, the brain-dead condition of Trina might still spark a momentary consciousness within her, and she had repented of her sin, and offer her very self to the Lord, who knows.. who knows...

Requiescat In Pace
Trinidad Arteche–Etong (1965–2009)


  1. Kawawa naman cya, haaaayyy ;>(

  2. Kung ako si TED FAILON - na may maayos na trabaho, at taos-puso kong mahal na mahal ang aking asawa; hindi ko ito pa-cre-cremate ang bangkay. I see no logic para pa-cremate. May pera naman ako para ilagay siya ng buong-buo sa Himlayang Pilipino. Siguro, kung mahirap pa ako sa daga, pa-cre-cremate ko asawa ko.

  3. Tough times happen to everyone at one time or another.Pain and loss are apart of life. There are many different reasons why these things occur, but God is always there to bring good out of it when we invite Him to.If we understand the different possibilities for our suffering, it will help us overcome our pain and see our faith grow in the midst of it. I pray Ted Failon and rest of the family will never lose faith.

  4. Yan ang isang question natin, kung bakit ipapacremate pa. Siguro ay sumusunod sa uso itong si Ted Failon.

    Yes maze, this is a tough test to the Etong family. The strong TV personality is vulnerable now because what is happenig to him affects the very core of his person-the family. But God is faithful, and he will not allow anything to come to you if you can't bear it.

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  6. In every crisis we go through in life, let us not forget the 3 temptations of Jesus in the desert, for which money is one, and the same 3 temptations confront us as we strive to live our christian faith everyday of our lives.