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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fiesta Night Becomes Festive

May 23, 2009
By Francis Raymund Gonzales

As the night falls and the heat lowers, people started to walk freely in the open so that the streets and sidewalks were once again filled with pedestrians. Many preferred to go to the boulevard to lush the cool sea breeze and enjoy the twilight view. But I think the people knew that the Dipolog boulevard is a perfect place to go and will be the main zone for the Pagsalabuk's night activities.

Rumors reached that Shamrock, a famous band artist from Manila, is gonna conquer wild tonight, and by that people filled the boulevard to the edge. There were businesses which benefited from the festive crowds, such as the ihaw-ihaw, the ukay-ukay, borloloy and others.

People just want to experience fun in this one-time occasion. Let's maintain the equilibrium of emotional need, or they will go berserk amidst life's troubles and problems. Just my opinion.

People at the outdoor stage

People at the outdoor stage

People eating at the ihaw-ihaw corner

People eating at the ihaw-ihaw corner

Wares offered to the festive crowd

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