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Friday, May 29, 2009


The Church had been constantly in trouble but at the same time, it had been constantly fed with divine inspiration that made her best children stand firm for the fight. Likewise, in this 21st century Catholic Church, there's nothing new in view but the same old familiar face of the foe. The same troubles plague the church in and out. But still, many resisted. They have this one goal - to sanctify the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts, in whatever means their calling and ability requires them.

100% KATOLIKONG PINOY is one who responded to the call of the times. It responded by establishing itself as the only Catholic group in Friendster.com that has the whole support from its moderator and its members. It responds to the need of the ordinary catholic, the need to know their faith deeper in the midst of this age where spirituality seems to be so passe and outdated.

The group has crossed thresholds, and just recently, it held its first ever actual meeting when members who interacts with each other only through accounts, can learn more from the very story and the experiences of the soul. It more enriches the worth of the friendster group.

Be one with me, in the review for the Catacumba which happened on May 16, 2009 in La Paz Parish, Makati City. Let's be a part of this 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY!'s significant history.

Francis Raymund M. Gonzales

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