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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is Susan Boyle A Liar?

By Francis Raymund Gonzales (May 3, 2009)

"Never Been Kissed". This is the famous phrase that the British Catholic singer, Susan Boyle, had said that described her circumspectly by her fans and everyone who knows and admires her. This simple and poor woman had captured the heart of every good person in the world by her golden voice and her life-story of attaining her dreamed "dream" . She had been the content of many headlines and blogs from her first appearing in UK 's reality show Britain's Got Talent.

Just recently, a vintage video of her had just emerged in the same site that made her famous worldwide: the Youtube. It shows how she, in her tender age of 22, had schemed to join a local singing contest yet did not win. In the video, after she sang, a man (maybe the emcee or an acquaintance) can be seen "kissing" her in the cheek.

Did she lied to the public when she said that she had never been kissed? The answer is no. In the Britain's Got Talent initial interview to her before her appearance onstage, she relates to them her life and how she lives. Her only companion is a cat named Pebbles, but she said that it "couldn't be married", and that's how the phrase "never been kissed" came about afterwards. Susan Boyle is referring to the kiss of marriage that husbands and wives share on the wedding day and throughout the married life. Or probably, she is referring to the kiss of betrothal, the time when engaged or wooing couples are together sharing kisses with each other. Casual kissing, like the one seen in the video, is not in sync with what "kiss" means for Susan.

Literalists might still heat up this issue against Susan Boyle, but to the symphatetic and "real" people who feels and understands beyond any written and spoken word, they knew Susan never said anything wrong. In her time of life and her recent yet momentarily success, nothing as possible must be put against the way on paving for the dream she once dreamt but is coming true right now.


  1. napanood ko yung video nya.. ang galing nya kumanta! Basag yung mga tumawa at nanlait sa kanya,, hahaha

  2. OO nga kapatid, akala ng iba isang malaking joke na nandun siya sa stage, hehehehe

  3. Hi. yes napanuod ko din sya. ang galing nya.

  4. My husband is the number one fan of her and also to that man named paul pott. Their voice is just awesome.
    Baka ang gusto niyang e-mean "never been kiss" is yong may passion ikaw talaga Francis hehehe!!