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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Day Fiesta Experience

May 23, 2009
By Francis Raymund Gonzales

Me and my friend, Jo.

The sun was shining brightly with only a few thin clouds can be seen scattered in the sky. I'm afraid that the sun will shine intensely all day and it will be undesirable to stroll around due to the scorching heat. Meanwhile, church people are growing in number, many of them attending the liturgical rites while others lighting candles to pray. Some are praying and frolicking in the nearby St Vincent statue still in place upon the carozza.

The cathedral is teeming with people. This reflects the religiosity of Catholics in this side of the world. Outside the gate are the candle-vendors, beggars and flower-vendors. I'm glad they're situated outside the gate. It makes the whole church compound holier and more respectable.

I've seen and met a handful of friends. They're passing by to attend mass or just to light candles to pray. My family is present, too. We ate lunch to our relatives who live in Dipolog City. After the fiesta visit we went to the city to stroll and to see what the low-pricing products and wares can offer us.

Noticeably, policemen and policewomen are everywhere, thanks to the city administration. As a whole, my fiesta is a tiring yet a joyful one. Til next year!

People are burning candles as a gesture of tribute to the patron and of prayers to God.

Vendors and their wares

People is teeming as ever

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