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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surprise! No Shamrock

What a shame! All those hours people are waiting for someone who seems not to be there and will never be for that occasion.

Rumors had been circulating among the youth that Shamrock, a band artist from Manila, will be holding a concert in the outdoor stage that night. It reached my ears, too, and I'd charged my camera full for the event. I had been convinced on this matter, too. It looks like that San Miguel Beer will be sponsoring and San Miguel Inc. is no underdog.

The first show that was held is an amateur singing contest. It lasted until 10 o' clock. People patiently amused themselves with the first program. Thinking that a popular band normally shows up late, they assume that the preceding programs serves only as a "warm-up" for the main event. (We could had taken the concept in Manny Pacquiao's fights, and he's a boxer who promotes San Miguel Beer)

At ten, people are getting more impatient. Oldies are starting to drowse and a handful decided to go home. My family is reluctant to go home without seeing the band, yet with my grandmother with us, it is hard for her to stay up late. My family finally decided to go home at 10:30. Many still persist to stay. Can San Miguel sponsor only a weeny amateur contest?

After the amateur singing contest are presentations from local and invited bands. It lasted until the end of the show. I saw some of the youth's disappointment as they droop themselves back home. I am, too, in some extent feels somehow disappointed.

The next day, I have learned that Shamrock will come not to the Fiesta (Pagsalabuk) occasion but to a Touch Mobile promo inauguration coming soon in the city. It seems that rumor itself can really evolve and misconstrued when it is passed from one silly mouth to another.

Tired arms waiting for the main event that never was

The youth fed up with the waiting.

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