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Saturday, May 9, 2009

To My Beloved Mother, Mitos

By Francis Raymund Gonzales May 9, 2009

The picture of a loving, caring mother. My siblings and I call her "mommy", but we are more used in calling her "mmy" (meh).

My mother is a fighter. Sad to say, she has been unlucky in her married life. That is so because my mom was "forced" to marry my father. Losing the opportunity to work, she spent her entire life taking care of her kids. But God is mindful of her. She has a very supportive brother in the United States, my uncle Boy. Uncle Boy carried the role of being the "Simon the Cyrene" of her cross, comforting her of her burden and helping her in all things.

As a mother, she is frank and domineering. She sees to it that everything is all right with us. Once when I am still in high-school, it saddened her that she have to leave us in Manukan to go back to Pampanga, leaving us there with our grandparents. But now, our mom has no reason to leave us anymore. She is with us forever guarding, teaching and caring for her children.

In my childhood, I often had ill feelings with her and had nurtured grudges to her. But I realized that I was wrong all along and that I must understand my mother. She deserves happiness from us her children, which my father had failed to give her. One day, if God wills that I'll be successful, I will also lift my mother unto the pedestals of life together with all my loved ones. She will be greater and happier than Aling Dionesia Pacquiao, you'll see ^_^

To my very wonderful mommy, Happy Mother's Day.☺♥

Mitos Magallanes Gonzales

"We Love You!"

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