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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Faith Persists

(Late Entry)
Francis Raymund Gonzales

The fiesta has its familiar scenes: drinking, feasting and a lot of wares. Religiosity and secularity goes side by side. But at night, when the cathedral is closed and the masses and novenas are hushed, many turned their backs and appease themselves to what the world's night neons can show. Yet, in the midst of the world's light, faith remains and these are snapshots of the persistence of faith in the midst of darkness.

The Sta Cruz cross monument was adorned with lights. It is an enlightening sight that even in the middle of the busy hustle and bustle of the Dipolog fiesta night, the cross stands high its emblem. At the far end of the long Rizal lane, the cathedral is at sight glowing in splendor. The same symbol is atop its edifice.

I was tempted to go back to the cathedral, which might be closed at the moment. Passed by the tent city, I noticed some catholic faithful lingering at the patio. They are lighting candles in prayer, and some are praying the rosary. These few people had warmed my fiesta night, by their simple gesture of faith, it had proven that the very meaning of the fiesta is still alive in their hearts, no matter how loud the music from the bars, pubs and recreation places might be booming

Praise the Lord for this holy, holy night!

A family contemplates through candlelight at the cathedral's patio. People who didn't make it
in the day chose to honor the fiesta through candlelighting at night

The cross monument is the only reminder left near the fully lit boulevard.
Care to adore?

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