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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Mission for the Moderator: 100% KP NCR Catacumba (Late Edition)

By Mark Rodney Vertido

The Moderator hails from the City of Dipolog in Zamboanga Del Norte. While, I am here in Laoag City, the north city of Philippines. Both of us are located in a far distance from the National Capital Region, especifically in Makati City, where the first NCR Catacumba was held.
For some weeks, preparations was set for the Catacumba. Pre -registration was started and so on. The Moderator listed his name in the pre-registration. It would be a great event then having not just the Moderator but the Founder himself. A most-awaited event then. I was then never sure if I will have the chance still to attend because of an earlier trip to NCR, and so my pocket was nearly empty already.
But on the week of the Catacumba, the Moderator talked to me and offered me the chance to attend the Catacumba because he cannot already promise to make it anymore for some reasons. Well, its a chance for me because its one of a lifetime that you would meet persons from the virtual world of Friendster.com, a very rare occasion maybe. Given the money for my fare I responded affirmitively. But then I made it sure that I would go there as a representative of him. I am the one nearer and so why not.
11-hours of travel with no long sleep at all and so when I set foot from the bus to the streets of NCR I was feeling a little bit dizzy already. But it is just okay, I was there to fulfill my mission for the Moderator.
Then I met my Tatay Francesco at the St. Anthony Shrine of the Franciscans, just last December 2008 this Shrine gave me a wonderful experience that I will never forget and every time that it rains I remember that experience. For the time that I was in NCR I have to stay with Tatay Francesco because luckily my aunt in Sampaloc went home to Ilocos. Tatay Francesco is caring, understanding, kind, and I enjoyed staying with him.
At the venue, La Paz Parish of Makati, I then met these wonderful persons: Kuya Randolf, Kuya Paulo, Kuya Dean, Kuya Ryan, Ate Chelli, Abhi, and also my Kuya Philip, for the second time already. If not of them, of their efforts, of their plans, no Catacumba would happen. Then adding also the participation of Fr. Zenki, it was great to be with him also. With all the friends and family of Kuya Pau. Afterwards here comes Kuya Natz and to complete Rickxander and Jerome. A handful of the 100% KP family.
A successful Catacumba in its own right, there are just some lapses, just like what Kuya Randolf said to me, but that cannot be avoided for it is just the first of its kind. I sometimes call it a "trial and error" assembly for this is where all will be tested and even the second up to the third will be parts of this "trial and error." Well, it is just normal because we are just still learning to form a group.
To fulfill my responsibility and mission for the Catacumba, with all the best that I could be, I explained to them a brief summary of the story of 100% KP. Just a brief and unorganize story, I guess. But that was only a try to create the story for the Moderator himself has some difficulties in doing this. And to finish a well job of a representative, I have presented a simple report on what has happened with all my insights, opinions, reactions, and recommendations to the Moderator privately. And uneasy thing to do for I need to carefully tell everything and give my insights truthfully and balancely. The report will be a private thing to us already so that misinterpretation would not arise.
I thanked God that a part of the diversified population came and united for a day. A day of great joy and a day of God's blessing to the one and only 100% Katolikong Pinoy group of Friendster.com. The Catacumba will always remind us of the two things that the group needs at these times: direction and Spiritual direction. What will be our mission, vision, goals, objectives and ideals and aspirations for this group? And aside from this we need a guide that will be able to check for the group. The surest step for an institutionalized group.
This is now the challenged for the virtual group: What then now? What will be next? What will happen tomorrow for us? When will we move? But then this diverse minds of ours will again unite soon to decide for the future of the group. We have not came to this far that the members will meet officially just to have a waste for all of these are now the preparatory period for this group.
For our beloved moderator, Mr. Francis Raymund M. Gonzales, now, with all of the members, the future of the group depends to us.
These things, I have already think about and may this group now blossom to what it was carefully as the sun rises also to us all.
God bless! pace e bene!

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