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Monday, June 8, 2009

My Night Fiesta Experience

(Late Entry)
By Francis Raymund Gonzales

The sun is mellowing and my family decided to stroll in the boulevard. Things can be so exciting at night, especially in a festivity like this (P'gsalabuk Festival). Just as expected, the boulevard is teeming with people in that closing of day. The boulevard is the center of the P'gsalabuk gala activity and it is expected to upsurge that night, the Fiesta night.

The boulevard was lined by ihaw-ihaw (roasting) sprees. My family went on to taste Dipolog's barbecue specials such as atay, batikolon, tinae, pa-a, tiil etc . We do not have the terms Manilenos use such as betamax, kurbata, isaw, helmet, adidas etc. After the sumptous meal , my family stayed longer waiting for the imported band Shamrock to show out. But because my Grandma is tired for the day, they went home at 10:30, with relief, for no Shamrock will be presenting that night.

People idle and waiting to herald the night.

Some delicacies

Talipapas had been set up on every corner of the boulevard

Night falls and the party animals are breaking loose.

Our choice: Karyll's Ihaw-ihaw sa Boulevard

We're stuffed now.

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