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Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Longer Underdogs

By Francis Raymund Gonzales

While in my hometown, I was delighted to see dogs atop the roof of the parish convent. They belong to our parish priest who is known to be fond of dogs. And they're not just any ordinary dogs. They do have good breeds and have too "good manners" for dogs. They don't bark at anybody passing that side of town.

I was wondering what these dogs have in mind. Perhaps they desire something new, a new picture for them. By th elevation they could see a higher view of things around them. They could also hear better the sounds throughout the neighborhood. Close to them, all they do is stare, watching intently my next movements. But they aren't seem to be a threat to anyone and on that reason I was not alarmed nor afraid to approach them.

Reflections comes to my mind. The heart of man is also made to aspire for greater things and for greatness. Even in the very mire of misery, man has that very weak flickering of hope within him that tells a day will come that what he wishes will finally grace him. Hope staggers to the end. By this hope, man can see through the clouds and behold a better day, though possibly that day won't come, yet he believes there is.

Man's heart was designed by God for greatness. The scriptures says that God set eternity into our hearts (Ecc 2:11). But, as our nature had fallen since the sin of our first parents, we had a hard time attaining the greatness God intends for us. And so that's why Jesus Christ came to the world, he wanted to raise our status from despised sons of Adam to sons of God. In Christ we receive the spirit of adoption that makes God our Father (Rom 8:15). Christ lifted us so that we will no longer be underdogs of this world that blind us of our true worth.

After nightfall, I went back to see if the dogs are still on the parish convent's rooftop. There they are, really, are.

The black dog had blended with the night.


  1. Cute, simply cute...


  2. nakakatakot naman yung mata nung aso.. hehehe

  3. OO parang gusto nang manglapa, pero bait yan..