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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why I Didn't Go?

I was given the chance to go, but I chose not to go. Why?

A catholic friend send me the needed fare to Manila.

The first reason why I didn't go is this: My Uncle hadn't permitted me to go. He says its my first time to go to Manila without any companions and it will very dangerous. I said I will take care of myself and my fellow catholic brethren will take care of everything. Still, he is stiff in his command not to go. In the next, perhaps, and he will provide for me whatever I need.

Next, the circumstances did not favor me. I was studying for my summer classes. May 16 is a crucial date for the time can serve as my research and review day. As my prime calling is being a student, I must prioritize the task given on me.

Third, I have to give way for others. I must not think of myself in other words. The fare is quite tight for two and just right for one, yet I thought members who were closer deserves attention. I sacrificed portions of the fare for a brother to attend the Catacumba.

Fourth, I don't think my money is enough for a high ride. A member suggested that if I'll go, I can also mimic the extravagance and generosity of a member (i.e libre, foodtrip). I can say that I am not financially ready for the while.

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