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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Color Yellow Everywhere

Yellow ribbons on a gasoline station

I know what the yellow ribbon means. It is sign of honor and tribute to the Late ex-president Corazon Aquino. And at the day of her burial, you can see a yellow cloth here, there and everywhere!

Ribbon at a department store

Yellow ribbons at Plaza Magsaysay

It is a heartwarming sight to see Dipolog City teeming with yellow ribbons in every corner, no matter how public or obscure the place is. Riding in a tricycle and pass the big Landbank building, I saw it clad with long yellow cloth that mounts from the lowers sides up to the apex like a pyramid. Some establishments are closed, with ribbons in them, while others, though open, ornates ribbon in the door or glass window.

Ribbons have been long known to hold sentimental meanings . That explains our multi-colored gift ribbons, and our graduation and honorary ribbons. I remembered in the Bible how Rahab the harlot had put a red cord in her window. Now, the yellow ribbon is no more only tied 'round the old oak tree but everywhere whoever cares to, for the memory of Cory Aquino, the Democracy icon.

Expectedly, not all took part in this tribute. Many others have no heart to do anything just to enjoy the day-long holiday. I think watching the live coverage of the funeral is enough for them to pay respects to Cory. Impractical folks, in other words.

Yet, it never came as a surprise why the Western Union Money Transfer has nothing to show but itself.

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  1. samin po. sa labas ng school nmin mas marami akong nkkta na color"green,white and red" hehehe :D