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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Daughter's Grief

"For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have
been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little."
(Luke 7:47)

Many know what troubles Kris Aquino had been into. Many knew the love-child she had with a married man, how she scandalized the public of her chaotic affair with a married comedian, and how she had undergone the painful consequences of his husband's issue. But through it all, there was that wretched daughter, and an ever-loving mother.

In a one-on-one interview special in The Buzz (August 2, 2009 episode) the day after Cory Aquino passed away, Kris Aquino recalled how her mother would always say "Don't worry" in every trivial and enormous difficulties she would face. This started way back in childhood, when her father Benigno "Ninoy' Aquino was a political prisoner. She related how her mother makes them (she and her siblings) feel everything is in the normal pace. Her mother pulled the load alone yet they were civilly reared to the best they are to be. Even in her father's assassination and in their flight to Cebu, Cory Aquino resembles a steady fortress on which her children would take refuge. The victory of Cory Aquino against the Marcoses with the help of the People Power revolution moved Kris and the rest of the family to the center stage, easily launching her off to the showbiz limelight.

But the perils and temptations of the showbiz industry took hold Kris Aquino. She was impregnated by a married action star, leaving her as an unwed mother. It became a national issue that questioned the maternal reputation of Cory Aquino, who might be falling out from her children due to her presidential duties. Cory proved this wrong in her constant answering to the media, and on her personal concern over her daughter's state. The issue mellowed over the years as Kris admitted it was her own fault, asking for her mother's apology.

The next scandal exploded when Kris admitted in live national television about her troublesome affairs with a comedian that threatened her life. That, too, became a big issue and Cory's privacy was again violated by streams of inquiries and chasing. The mother was unrelenting in her support with her daughter, and that issue died away after Kris recovered.

Later, Kris was married to her non-showbiz boyfriend and the couple had hardly been together for three years when another scandal arose. James Yap, Kris' husband, was pushed to the issue of eloping with a spa worker. Kris admitted her resentment against her husband but that thing she endured too through the support of those who loved him, including her mom. Kris was pregnant at that time and her frail condition must be protected from further psychological attacks from critics. Her mom was ever a mother to her, not siding with anyone but family first, daughter first.

When Cory's days waned because of her incurable disease, Kris also stayed by her side, postponing her showbiz duties altogether, comforting her mother but admitting that she cannot lessen the pain. As doing the least she could do, she gave her mother everything, from humble blankets to expensive vanities. But her presence at her side in those last days was the most invaluable gift Kris could ever give to her ever loving mother.

Now the mother had passed away, Kris laments at the same time was full of gratitude to God for the times she had been with her mother, and how she had been given the chance to say she love her. And true are the words of Jesus above that were used as the theme for this article: "For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little."


  1. Sabi nga po sa Bible: "papahiran ng Panginoon ang Luha ng mga taong nagdadalamhati sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay...."

  2. I have always admired the motherhod of Cory. Many times I look back on the how she dealt with the crisis in Kris life. So admirable.

  3. Mam Cory for me, was and is really a MOTHER... thank you...

  4. there is no rate on mother's love (Cory) it passes all she will be in their when no one else will know