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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prayers Answered

By Francis Raymund Gonzales

It was July 31, 2009, Friday night, that I started to take up arms for the President. I don't mean a rebellion or a mutiny, my weapon is the Rosary.

Though I had been praying for people I know, I had never prayed for the former president, Corazon Aquino, until that night. I was home at that time and as I groan the sorrowful mysteries, I focused myself to Christ's sufferings, prayed for my loved ones until Tita Cory comes to mind. The news had been teeming with reports and updates about her condition, that her cancer is in the last stages and her regular chemoteraphy had stopped. It was expected that the lady will not last long so the vigilance of the media is ever escalating.

She is a mother, too. And I opened myself to the situation that if my mother would undergo the same suffering, what would I feel. As a son, it may be too hard for me to see my mother writhing in pain. So I included at the first time the former President pleading to God some conditions:

I pleaded to God that if He really wills Tita Cory to live longer, let her receive a special miracle on which her cancer will vanish and her pain all gone. After all, she had been staunchly a Roman Catholic all her life. This will also prove the effectiveness of the Church's prayers and masses offered for her. However, if He won't cure her, at least let her sufferings benefit sinners like me and the rest who needed suffrages from this exemptionally religious woman.

On the other hand, if He had no plan to continue her life, I asked heaven not to prolong her suffering anymore. Let her rest soon and call her speedily to Himself .

Tita Cory died at 3:18 wee hours of August 1, 2009.

Possibly lots of people had been praying the conditions I had presented before heaven that night, or I might had even been praying simultaneously with them. It is far better for Tita Cory to leave this grief-stricken world and be in the loving arms of the Lord of all, than to stay and witness the moral deterioration that might even have the opportunity to grab her, pulling her person down. Her sufferings had somehow cleansed her soul and the judgment we now leave to Divine Justice. The prayers of the people had been answered: we do not ask for a big-time miracle only to let her experience more pain later in life, we ask for her to be saved, and will leave a lasting legacy by her life well spent.

My condolences to the family and those who survived her. By the merit of her service to the nation, may God take her with him to her true homeland.


  1. CondoleNces 2 d Aquino family.. :-<

  2. My condolence to the aquino family specially to her daughter kris I know kaya di ka umiyak dahil naging pbigat ka sa mom mo but dats okay you had given her consolation when ur in her side the presence you have is so strong that it will last forever o baby baby

    Anyway, I am saddened by your plight, Tita Cory. may you rest in peace amen

  3. She may be gone but she left us a legacy... our democracy!