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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recurring Headaches, Skin Diseases, Fevers

By Francis Raymund Gonzales
September 6, 2009

This time I doubt I will make it for the Semi-final's OJT.

I had these headaches a week from now. It started when the weather on our place began to change. Sprinkles, the sun's heat, rain in and out. Last Monday, at the cool of the day, I felt my nose started to be moisten. I expected an overnight cold that will just dry up in the morning. But no, the cold worsen and it never made me sleep throughout the night.

A queer skin disease had also infested in my left upper arm at the distal point. The patch reddens as it became itchy. Scratching it is of no help. It worsened until I decided to go home. My mother was worried for it can be an evil eye that afflicted me. I don't believe evil eye affects a God-believer. Louie, my friend told me that it must be a stink caterpillar's bite, which I agree on someway.

Fever plagued me throughout these days. I concealed to my family the fact I had a fever to lessen their worries about me. But I cannot hide it last Thursday. My grandparents are going to the city to get the surgery stitches out and they contacted me to assist. As I showed myself up, they saw my pale complexion and included me in their check-up.

On Friday, I was infuriated by my mother's text that she will be coming with the whole family with a quack doctor with her. I was in the internet cafe then and I was not home. I was also well a little and can walk on the city, but still I know I'm not fully well due to my odorous breath. I called my mother and convinced her to cancel the plan. I don't patronize quack doctors even if they are prevalent in our place. I am cautious not to deal with satanic powers.

My prayers is that God will heal me in and out, especially my soul. I am writing this on Sunday, Sept 7 and will be posting this when I'm fully recovered. God bless me.

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