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Friday, January 8, 2010


Still hot from the oven this January 8 Philippine Time, Resbak.com has posted its latest anti-catholic article. This time, it talks about money and profit. According to the blog author, a catholic forum poser claims that the Iglesia ni Cristo® is a business. The author then implied that the claim is empty on the reason that it lacked the needed evidence from the catholic forum poser. To set things aright for himself, the author, clearly a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo®, crammed the internet for two hours to prove that the Roman Catholic Church is the business between the two rival religions.

The presentation is accurate and direct-to-the point, the arguments being derived from different sites and were supported by what these sites contain. Quoting from these sites, the author allowed the quotes to speak more while the former speaks less. But as the author had determined to let the excerpts and the sources to highlight his article, we can study their context, in order to have a broader view. As the Bible says it:

"Do not judge according to appearances, but judge with righteous judgment"
(John 7:24)

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